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Photoshop Fun: An Exhausted Kyle Drabek

A few weeks ago, the fine folks at AP posted this photo of Kyle Drabek exhausted from a wind sprint workout. I couldn’t resist the urge to use this picture to Photoshop Kyle Drabek into a few compromising positions. Enjoy!

Madness? This is Clearwater!

Poor Kyle … the guy can’t seem to catch a break. First he’s on the receiving end of a drop kick by King Leonidas, then he gets an elbow drop from Shawn Michaels.

Kyle just chilling on Kirk Van Houten’s prize possession: his racecar bed.

In fact, Kyle enjoyed it so much, he decided to get his very own racecar bed. He appears to have the same reaction, though.

After the fact, he headed to the therapist to talk about his “daddy issues”. Turns out there’s a lot of pressure being the son of a former Cy Young Award winner.

Link tried his best to wake Kyle Drabek from his eternal slumber. It turns out Kyle was just looking for a comfy place to crash until Opening Day.

Kyle Drabek’s day off. One of the worst performances of his career, and they never doubted it for a second.

This is what happens when internet memes clash: Emo Kyle Drabek meets Emo Juan Uribe.

Kyle Drabek: the forgotten victim of the Vancouver Riots. Of course, the “kissing couple” got all the press while Kyle was left to suffer.

The seven dwarves are a little but confused as to why Kyle Drabek decided to take a cat nap in the middle of the forest.

Since Kyle spent some time down in Las Vegas last season, naturally he stumbled onto the set of “The Hangover”.

And lastly, the ill effects of one crazy night finally caught up with Kyle in the hot Las Vegas desert. Luckily, they’re the four best friends that anybody could have.