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You know, if for some crazy reason this whole baseball thing doesn”t work out for J.P. Arencibia, I think he has a promising career in the NHL.

Blue Jays Fashions from the Jays Care Golf Tournament

J.P. Arencibia rocking the fuchsia shorts. Luckily, his teammates need’nt worry about teeing off while J.P. was on the green because they could spot him from 3 holes away.

I guess Francisco Cordero didn’t get the memo that jeans aren’t exactly the most comfortable things to wear on the golf course. It kind of reminds me of the one time when I ran the 400m in Grade 5 in jeans. I finished fifth.

Omar Vizquel in the suede jacket, looking like he’s ready for a night out on the town.

Colby Rasmus also appears to be on “Team Pink”.

Alvarez, Cordero, Janssen, Villanueva and Arencibia on the way to the clubhouse.

Not only do they launch bombs at batting practice, but apparently they also like to admire 300+ yard drives at the driving range.

Brett Lawrie wonders whether he should go with the 3 wood.

Nice form, Jose - don’t forget about the follow through!

Images courtesy of @EvankaOsmak and @JaysCare

I feel like this photo needs one of those “Hang in there, Baby” captions like those cat posters.

I feel like this photo needs one of those “Hang in there, Baby” captions like those cat posters.

The Blue Jays Animated GIFs of the Year

This was just the first of many bat flips from Edwin Encarnacion this season. The funny thing is, he didn’t even hit a home run … it was just a double.

After a 5 hour and 13 minute game on Opening Day, I think Edwin Encarnacion was either shuffling just to keep warm, or he was excited that he could finally go home.

EE back with the bat flip, this time a much more sustained version of the bat flip.

Jose Bautista and Luke Hochevar have some history, so you can see why he didn’t take to lightly to getting beaned in Kansas City.

Bautista with a little bit of rookie hazing on Henderson Alvarez? I hope he was wearing a cup.

Kelly Johnson probably won’t be back in a Blue Jays uniform next season, but that’s not to say he didn’t flash the leather every once in a while at second base.

The very first appearance of the infamous Edwin Encarnacion chicken wing/T-Rex home run trot.

Jose Bautista and Brett Lawrie take dugout celebrations to an entirely new level.

I have no idea how the official scorer figured out this play, but I guess it’s a 5-7 pop-up in foul territory? Nice teamwork by Brett Lawrie and Eric Thames.

Brett’s helmet goes boom.

Omar Vizquel and Rajai Davis demonstrate why it’s important for teammates to be in sync.

"Are you drunk?". Why yes, I just had 12 Papbst Blue Ribbon … what were you doing before the game?

Carlos Villanueva develops one of the sickest leg kicks I’ve ever seen. When you only get a chance to pick up 3-4 at bats every year, may as well make the most of them, right?

Dance like no one’s watching … until you realize the dugout camera was on you the entire time.

Moises Sierra blows through a stop sign in his very first game in the majors. Welcome to the big leagues, kid!

Kelly Johnson uses his head to track this ball.

Most of the time, Moises Sierra has been like a little puppy in the outfield. I mean, you can’t really get man at him because he just looks so darn innocent out there.

More adventures in the outfield with Moises Sierra.

Rajai Davis’ catch of the year … perhaps of the best catches in Blue Jays history.

And another angle just for good measure.

You know, if I hit as many home runs as Edwin Encarnacion has this season, I’d probably pimp the heck out of this home run, too.

Ricky Romero and John Farrell win the award for the most awkward pitching change this season. Don’t leave your skipper hanging, Ricky!

"F**k yeah! F**k no!"

I guess this isn’t the first time Aaron Laffey thought he made an out.

Gloves are usually used for catching baseballs … but the glove caught the ball and Chad Jenkins caught his glove. Whoa! That’s heavy, dude.