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Toronto Blue Jays Sports Illustrated Covers

Ever wondered how many Toronto Blue Jays players have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated? Well now you can impress your friends when you rattle off all the Blue Jays that have graced the cover of SI.

1.) Dave Stieb (with Andre Dawson): July 18, 1983

2.) Lloyd Moseby: October 5, 1987

3.) Dave Winfield: October 10, 1992

4.) Roberto Alomar: October 26, 1992

5.) Team Photo: November 2, 1992

6.) Joe Carter: 1993

7.) David Wells: July 10, 200

8.) Reed Johnson, Vernon Wells, Frank Catalanotto, Tom Verducci (March 15, 2006)

Old Time Family Baseball’s Blogathon

Hey guys, be sure to check out Old Time Family Baseball’s Blogathon. Mike is blogging for 24 hours straight until tomorrow morning in order to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders.

In case you’re wondering, yes he has more Red Bull and caffeine in his system than Brett Lawrie right now. But any donation you can give would really help.

I can’t imagine a nobler cause and Mike definitely has my support. Mike gets the Dave Stieb moustache salute for all his great work.

Head over to Old Time Family Baseball for all his posts and his fundraiser page as well.