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Blue Jays Fashions from the Jays Care Golf Tournament

J.P. Arencibia rocking the fuchsia shorts. Luckily, his teammates need’nt worry about teeing off while J.P. was on the green because they could spot him from 3 holes away.

I guess Francisco Cordero didn’t get the memo that jeans aren’t exactly the most comfortable things to wear on the golf course. It kind of reminds me of the one time when I ran the 400m in Grade 5 in jeans. I finished fifth.

Omar Vizquel in the suede jacket, looking like he’s ready for a night out on the town.

Colby Rasmus also appears to be on “Team Pink”.

Alvarez, Cordero, Janssen, Villanueva and Arencibia on the way to the clubhouse.

Not only do they launch bombs at batting practice, but apparently they also like to admire 300+ yard drives at the driving range.

Brett Lawrie wonders whether he should go with the 3 wood.

Nice form, Jose - don’t forget about the follow through!

Images courtesy of @EvankaOsmak and @JaysCare