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Can Dave Collins’ Blue Jays stolen base record be beaten this year?

As can be seen on this 1985 Topps card, Dave Collins was one fast white guy with glasses. The 60 bases he swiped in 1984 has been the club record for 28 seasons now. It would seem Jose Reyes, Rajai Davis, Anthony Gose, and Emilio Bonifacio all have the wheels to break it - but Reyes is likely the only guy who is going to get the necessary playing time. Reyes has reached 60 stolen bases three times, but not in the last 5 seasons. I’d sure like to see him take a run at it, though.

As you can see in the list (with gratuitous TIm Raines photo!), Collins finished second in the AL stolen bases in 1984 to no less than Rickey Henderson. Rickey got those 6 extra steals with 4 more CS and by playing in 14 more games than weightlifting and hunting enthusiast Collins.

But check out the rest of the SB leaders that year: 3 Jays in the top 7! Impressive. The Blue Jays lead the AL that year by a wide margin with 193 SB (67 CS). Rickey’s A’s were well back in 2nd with 145 (and almost as many CS as the Jays with 64). The Jays speed also manifested itself with an AL-leading 68 triples (KC was 2nd with 52) with Dave Collins and Lloyd Moseby tied for 1st with 15 and Willie Upshaw tied for 5th with 9.

You will note on the card his appropriate birthplace: Rapid City.

Rapid City, indeed. The fastest “Dave” I’ve ever seen.

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