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Jason Frasor Signs with the Rangers

Farewell to the Sausage King! After 9 years with the Toronto Blue Jays, Jason Frasor has signed with the Texas Rangers. Frasor remains as the Blue Jays all-time appearance leader with 505 career appearances.

While he wasn’t necessarily the flashiest relief pitcher, Jason Frasor was an often unheralded member of the Blue Jays bullpen.

He was also an incredibly durable reliever during his tenure in Toronto, as Frasor only went on the DL once during his nine seasons with the Blue Jays … and the first time happened just this past year.

Frasor commented how the two brief months he spent in Chicago were among the best of his career, so frankly I’m not surprised Jason decided to sign somewhere else. A $1.5 million contract is a huge bargain and Frasor will do well with the Rangers.

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