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Joe Carter All Star, 1992 Score, #435

If you collected baseball cards in the early 1990’s, then I am sure you remember Score’s “big head” All Star cards. It was the peak of the junk card era (I use that term with 100% affection) and with countless companies producing larger and larger sets, they were all out to create signature insert designs that would capture collectors. While Donruss and Upper Deck had gone with art cards that attempted something of a realistic portrait, Score went with the tourist caricature look.

Maybe it was the fact that I loved Score cards in general or that I was around ten years old when they produced these cards (a.k.a. the perfect age for them) but I remember completely loving them and buying packs and trading anything I could with my brothers and friends to assemble the full All Star rosters for both leagues. Personally, very few cards can trigger a wave of nostalgia quite like these ones and I am amazed it took me this long to get around to posting one.

A note: Yes that is a small bit of dried peanut butter on the back of the card. That is genuine, 100% 1992 peanut butter residue. 

Big head code! Up, up, down, down A, B, A, B.

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